Design Services and Fees

Design Services and Fees


As an interior design company, we specialize in many areas of design, consulting and project management services. We believe that it is important that we can provide turn-key solutions for our clients, and will typically offer a whole range of services to our clients. We manage the project from start to finish hiring experienced and licensed tradesmen that we work with on a regular basis. We also have a designer eye for detail.

Initial Design and Concept: In this stage, we work with clients to provide an initial concept outline together with project cost estimate and timing. On completion of this work, we review the proposals with the client to make sure we have covered all the requirements and that the design concepts are acceptable.  At this point, the client may want to make changes to design or scope of the project and we will update the concept and proposal to reflect this immediately with possible new estimates of costs and timing.

Detailed Design Stage: Prior to commencement of the physical stage of the project, DHD will complete a detailed design proposal incorporating design, purchasing and vendor/subcontractors to complete the job along with complete job estimates. This involves choosing furniture, light fittings, wall and floor treatments and color palettes for each element of the job. In addition, DHD will organize and schedule vendors and contractors to carry out physical work to complete the job including painters and wallpaper hangers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others required.

Construction and Project Management: With commencement of the physical construction, DHD, will manage all elements of the project ensuring vendor deliveries on schedule, availability of subcontractors and completion of each phase of the project to meet the overall timing goals.

Completion and Inspection: On completion of the project, DHD will meet with the client to review and approve the final results and ensure there are no issues with the components or workmanship.



Our concept is to provide the best possible design outcomes at a most reasonable and competitive prices. To do this we manage and leverage a whole range of specialist contractors and vendor relationships and provide negotiated trade discounts to our clients. In this way you save on all project design costs and have an experienced interior designer/project manager as your project manager - all in one!

DHD standard pricing is as follows:

Initial Design Concept and ConsultingOne-time fee $1,000
Detailed Design and Vendor Assessment$175.00 per hour
Client Purchases*20% of items procured
Contractor/Project Management20% of invoiced cost by vendors/tradespersons
Other Consulting Services$175.00 per hour
Plus: Travel (in excess of 25 miles from office)$75.00 per hour

Typically, DHD can obtain trade pricing and substantial discounts on most purchases for clients. This can be up to 20-30% off standard retail pricing which is then passed on to our customers as a discount.

We are also members of the Washington Design Center and are a registered wholesaler with local Resale Tax ID’s, etc. Please see our Standard Terms and Conditions and Client Acceptance Letter for all new clients below. New customers can print a copy and forward the signed letter to Diana Hannes Design, 4521 Garfield Street NW, Washington, DC 20007.

DHD will invoice clients on a weekly basis or as items are delivered or works completed. In the case of furnishings and fixture purchases for our clients, we require payment in advance for the total amount of such purchases. Our invoices include any sales tax as required in the client’s location and payments for all design and project management services invoices are net 7 days from the date of invoice.

Terms and Conditions

Design Concept Phase: This includes one or more meetings with the client on-site to assess the project and get initial client requirements. Consultant will take any required measurements and make initial assessments of planned project feasibility. On completion of this phase Interior Design Consultant will present a design proposal to the client for acceptance.

Detailed Design and Implementation: Based on client acceptance of initial design concepts, consultant will proceed with detailed design formula for the project including; materials and fixtures sourcing and furniture, paint and color specifications. Consultant will also set up and brief sub-contractors as required to implement and complete the construction of the project.

Change of Project Scope – New Requirements, Changes and Additions: Where this involves significant additional design services or changes to the already client approved design project (ie. adding new rooms or spaces to be included and/or significant changes to the existing project).

Travel Charges: Travel charges will only apply if the client or project location is in excess or 25 miles from our office and only applies to actual travel to and from those locations.

Client Purchases Trade Discounts: It is the policy of Diana Hannes design not to add margins to items (materials, fabrics, furniture, contractor fees, etc) purchased for the client for our normal design projects. In addition, we typically receive trade pricing on most of these items which we pass on these discounted pricing rates to the client plus any applicable sales tax if required.