Style and Process

Why use an experienced, well respected interior designer?

Endless series of decisions and choices achieve a look.

Consideration of all the elements before on-line or any purchase can be complex:

  • Texture, light sources, color
  • Size, height and volume
  • Relationship of all objects in the room and the whole house
  • The unexpected to give character and pull a look together

"A Professional designer’s experience, impartial advice and overview, not a salesperson’s lens, is extremely important to create a look"

New construction

Get a designer to go over your architect’s plans and make suggestions to anticipate the inside space requirements for furniture and your lifestyle. It is important to design from the inside so you can enjoy the flow of your home.

Updating or remodeling

Get the designer to identify what needs to be reviewed to have an impact.

Builders demand instant decisions

A decision's impact is often hard to visualize, one wrong decision can impact the overall look and functionality of the interior of a home. Also, the outside look of the home should tell a similar story to the interior. Outside and inside textures and colors do matter. Small details matter to the whole look.

Inside and Outside should work together