Why use an Interior Designer?

Why use an experienced, well respected interior designer?

Magazines, Pinterest, Houzz looks are staged and are not as easy to copy as you think. You may not be aware of the endless series of decisions and choices about the design components that have been made to achieve a look.

Texture, light sources, color in the room as well as the size, height and volume are very important. It the relationship of all objects in the room and the whole house that achieve a certain look. It is often the unexpected that gives character and pulls a look together. On-line purchases make it hard to predict how they will work with the size, texture and color of other elements in your room.

With new construction get a designer to go over the architect’s plans and make suggestions so you can anticipate the inside space requirements. It is important to design from the inside so you can enjoy the flow of your home. Or when updating or remodeling get the designer to identify what needs to be reviewed to have an impact.
Builders often demand instant decisions and it is hard to visualize. One wrong decision can impact the overall look and functionality interior look of a home. Also the outside look of the home should tell a similar story to the interior and outside textures and colors do matter. For example texture of the roof the downspout colors the front door in relation to everything can make a house look very different.

Experience and an overview with impartial advice seen through a professional not a salesperson’s lens is extremely important to create a look.

A good interior designer will recommend across brands and vendors to create a unique style for you and will also:



  1. Help you visualize unique concepts and consider hidden details
  2. Research and source designer only vendors as well as brand retailers at trade prices.
  3. Save you from making expensive mistakes
  4. Add value to your home by understanding what is an investment and what looks good
  5. Provide access to a network of trusted contacts and suppliers
  6. Brief the builder/vendor then liaise as a problem solver
  7. Save you time, stress and money.


Save you from making expensive mistakes.

Save you time, stress, and money.

Add value to your home by understanding what is an investment and what looks good.


Research and source designer only vendors as well as brand retailers at trade prices.

Provide access to a network of trusted contacts and suppliers. Brief the builder/vendor then liaise as a problem solver.



Research and source designer only vendors as well as brand retailers at trade prices.

Effective communication skills to know what the client wants.


Furniture: We will source from the manufacturer or retailer at trade prices. We look at style, comfort, function and durability and fit for your family and the look for the home. We then provide layout suggestions and floor plans.

We find unique or fabulous pieces: Sofas, sectionals, occasional chairs, Dining tables and chairs, benches, stools; coffee, cocktail and end tables; consoles.

Upholstery: Designers source unique, durable, elegant, wow, fun or inexpensive fabrics to complement and custom new furniture. Or repurpose your existing furniture. They can add a trim, change a skirt, add pin cushioning, or tone down a piece.

Window treatments: Designers style to solve problems (privacy, light) or create a look with fabulous, wow, neutral or inexpensive fabric to finish your room. They select hardware, fabric, trims, get measurements and organize installation to get the right look. Shutters and specialty shades across brands are also researched and considered.

Floors: Floors are the biggest continuous space in the room. The color and texture of the carpet or rug measurements can have a huge impact on the room. Designers find the right fit and look, install carpet or rugs, and make floor covering recommendations. We also recommend wood floor stains, woods finishes, and sealants. We also look at stone, polished cement and tiles.

Paint colors and Wallpaper: Flat, eggshell, pearl, semi-gloss or gloss paint? Oil or latex; two coats or one coat? Had you thought about the color
palette for your style of home, furniture and decorative items? All the rooms in the house need to look good together whether adjacent or upstairs. You need these to be all the same story otherwise there will be conflict and the overall look may not work. Light affects the color of your rooms throughout the day. The textures and hues for the whole house need to be taken into account. Wallpaper selection is also tricky and durability and look with the surrounding rooms are important.
We sourcing and install wallpaper.

Lighting: These days luminosity and manufacturers offerings change regularly. Lighting can make or break a look. We look for functional, exceptional pieces that give off the right amount of light for whatever your needs.

Powder and Bathrooms: Baths, sinks, shower glass, tiles, vanities, toilets and faucets, spouts and most important the Layout. We will give you the look that suits your home.

Kitchens: I am a chef and I love great appliances, surfaces and storage. I keep up with manufacturer's courses. I Like to have a functional kitchen, that is extraordinary and a fabulous entertaining space too.

Soft Furnishings and decorative objects: These are the finishing touches that make or break a room. Bedcovers, valances, shams and pillows and cushions. Tablecloths, napkins, vases candles, will make the look work. Doormats, outdoor and indoor plants, and pots.



DHD was established by the former stylist, image consultant and editor of Better Homes and Gardens Australia. Diana has lived in the US for over 20 years. Through extensive travels I have observed many looks.

I like people and work to understand their needs; so listening, timing and follow through are important. I established Diana Hannes Design 15 years ago after volunteering for charity design work and my business started from there.

My inspiration comes from my client’s dreams. I put my visualization skills and psychology training and knowledge of what is available as well as my many years of observation across cultures into these dreams. I have a deep understanding of the Design business and all there is to offer. I work with Architects and Builders and I have my own team for smaller projects.

My projects have taken me outside of the Washington DC area. I work across budgets and large and small projects interest me. I work to get the best result for my client and that includes the finished product as well as working within my client’s budget. My business is very much on a referral basis so my client’s long term satisfaction is foremost in my thoughts.


Former stylist for TV and magazines; and former Decorating Editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Australia. B.A. Psychology, Economics. (University of NSW) and M.Com Marketing and Finance (University of NSW).